June 1, 2018

Portfolio update, May 2018

Suprisingly, I have reached my goal for this year, 100 000 CHF of net worth. The number is not yet final as I expect some expenses soon, but I hope, I won’t reduce it much.

In May I’ve got the first vesting event of my employer’s equity compensation scheme and topped up a bit an account at Viac.

Created with Snapbonds35%cash41%equity20%metal3%

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April 1, 2018

Portfolio update, March 2018

This time I decided to re-classify some instruments to make the pie chart more simple. I have not found yet a list of instruments my pillar2 pension invested into, but I could assume they should be pretty conservative, so I could consider them as “bonds” in that case. I still do have a large percentage in cash and it is because of small numbers, I consider this cash as “safety-net” and I don’t think it should be less than three months of living expenses, so it is going to look like a huge chunk of my net worth for some time.

Created with Snapbonds43%cash31%equity22%metal3%

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