August 1, 2018

Portfolio update, July 2018

The very first drop on a graph: My personal finance goal for this year.

There is still plenty of cash on my balance, because I’m a bit hesitant to buy any equity, because I still expect expenses in August (move, apartment cleaning, settling in), however the biggest part of cash allocation is security deposits for two apartments, I hope to get one back somewhere in September or October.

The drop is explained by one particular event: I leased a car. Everything about owning a car, especially a new one and especially leased one could be described with the following GIF, but I have never had a new car and despite pretty good public transportation here in Switzerland, it is much more convenient to reach many places with a car.

Burning Money.

Burning Money. The Fairly Odd Parents.

This July I got rid of the rest of Synchrony funds and switched to Vanguards VXUS and planning to add VTI to cover the whole world of stocks. Also I went with iShares Gold ETF instead of ZKB’s Gold ETF and I am planning to switch CHF hedged gold ETFs later.

Public and some other instruments

Type ISIN Name Result (CHF)
Equity CH0042630043 Synchrony World Equity (ETF)
Metals CH0139101601 ZKB Gold ETF
Bonds IE00B43TCW70 Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund -64.96
Metals CH0106027128 UBS ETF (CH) - Gold hedged (CHF) (AUCHAH) -214.08
Metals US4642851053 iShares Gold Trust (IAU) -87.71
Equity US9219097683 Vanguard Total International Stock ETF (VXUS) +17.60
Equity VIAC Pillar 3a +119.38


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