January 1, 2018

The Goal

I have never set a goal, especially for many years ahead. This is going to be the first attempt. As I am not getting any younger, I started to feel the need for planning and for some sense of purpose. I thought I need a goal: Average Swiss person’s net worth is about 500 000 CHF, so let it be my goal.

My ultimate and realistic finance goal, I will try to reach it by 2024

The graph makes not a lot of sense right now, as it has only two data points. It will be much more interesting by the end of this year.

At first this goal sounded a bit crazy to me, I’ve never had so much money and I have never had an opportunity to earn comparable amount, but when you try to think long-term, it kind of starts to make sense: I already have some savings and I just need to improve myself a little bit in terms of discipline, so I won’t be spending everything I get, and I need to learn a lot for “assets allocation”, as I don’t want to lose everything if my bank goes bankrupt, or stock market crashes.

The long-term goal is a tough one when it comes to motivation, I think I need yearly goals and graphs with a monthly resolution to have some feedback.

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