June 1, 2018

Portfolio update, May 2018

Suprisingly, I have reached my goal for this year, 100 000 CHF of net worth. The number is not yet final as I expect some expenses soon, but I hope, I won’t reduce it much.

In May I’ve got the first vesting event of my employer’s equity compensation scheme and topped up a bit an account at Viac.

Created with Snapbonds35%cash41%equity20%metal3%

Why so much cash?

Currently I’m planning to find a new apartment and it will require security deposit, which usually equals three monthly rents in Switzerland and putting that amount of money in stocks for just a couple of months does not make sense.

My cash part includes current accounts, savings account with safety net (enough money to live for just two months, I want to raise it to three soon), security deposit for current apartment and also private loans which very likely be defaulted and I’ll reconsider it to “gifts” to family members and will deduct it from the net worth.


Guys and gals at VIAC delivered a new version of the app, as they promised, supporting English and multiple portfolios/accounts, but that’s not what I wanted to tell about. VIAC app becomes a bit addictive for me, because it has nice graphs and shows how my money grow without my actions. In its the peak my account was +100 CHF based on 2000 investment, but it did not last for long.

VIAC Pillar 3a performance

VIAC Pillar 3a performance VIAC app

Next steps

During this summer I want to develop my Investor Statement Policy, to aggregate my gold holdings in a non-hedged ETF and to get rid of Vanguard’s global bonds ETF maybe, because the Pillar 2 gives enough exposure to such instrument.

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