April 1, 2018

Portfolio update, March 2018

This time I decided to re-classify some instruments to make the pie chart more simple. I have not found yet a list of instruments my pillar2 pension invested into, but I could assume they should be pretty conservative, so I could consider them as “bonds” in that case. I still do have a large percentage in cash and it is because of small numbers, I consider this cash as “safety-net” and I don’t think it should be less than three months of living expenses, so it is going to look like a huge chunk of my net worth for some time.

Created with Snapbonds43%cash31%equity22%metal3%


In March I subscribed to VIAC’s Global 100 strategy for my pillar 3a pension. The next rebalancing will be on 03.04.2018, so, for now, it is just some cash, will see how it goes. The only problem I had with them so far was their email server does not accepting emails from my address, nothing serious.


I truly believe that stock market is overpriced right now, especially in spite of latest “corrections” this year. But I also don’t want to miss an opportunity, so I’m investing small amounts every month with VIAC and I chose DeGiro for manual investing over my current broker because of really high transaction costs of the latter. I’ve been using DeGiro to trade a bit with my pocket money for half of the year and even got almost 10 CHF of profit. Not something I’m proud of, but I got some understanding of how this broker works; now I started to use it for ETFs. There is a review of DeGiro by The Poor Swiss. In my opinion, the only disadvantage of DeGiro for me personally is that their app shows daily change and in case of negative change I’m getting an urge to sell the “falling” ETFs.

More Gold

I might be too conservative, as I think that gold or other precious metals should be in a “healthy” portfolio, so I decided to increase my exposure to gold ETFs. Last year I bought ETF by Z├╝rich Cantonal Bank just because “I wanted to have some gold”, without checking their factsheet and apparently this ETF is a bit expensive, comparing to others:

CH0104136285 iShares Gold CHF Hedged 0.35%
CH0106027128 UBS ETF Gold hedged CHF 0.23%
CH0139101601 ZKB Gold ETF Hedged (CHF) 0.40%

This time I went with ETF from UBS, as the cheapest one. The need of CHF hedging is highly questionable, I might reconsider it at the end of this year when I probably have rebalancing.

Public instruments

Type ISIN Name
Equity CH0042630043 Synchrony World Equity (ETF)
Bonds CH0004015282 Synchrony Swiss Government Bonds (ETF)
Bonds IE00B43TCW70 Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund
Metal CH0139101601 ZKB Gold ETF
Metal CH0106027128 UBS ETF (CH) - Gold hedged (CHF)

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