February 28, 2018

Portfolio update, February 2018

Thanks to MustachianPost’s forum, last week I learned that Swiss Government bonds officially have a negative yield, so I decided to sell it with 4.35% loss over almost a year. At my scale, this kind of loss is not a big deal and I think I understand a meaning of negative yield bonds, but just hope for the best.

When I bought an ETF containing these bonds I was thinking of it like of “diversification strategy”, but never actually checked what’s going on there. Now I really feel that I need to define a target distribution of my portfolio, maintain discipline and do a little bit more research before buying any ETF.

Shame on me.

Created with Snapbonds41%cash34%equity23%metal2%

Comparing to the previous report, I fixed calculation of my equity, especially for BrewDog shares, in fact, I have updated it based on the price of latest Equity for Punks. I adjusted my savings and shares nominated in foreign currencies and due to strong Swiss Franc, it looks a little bit less than before.

The progress of the goal for 2018 reached 69% (from 44% last month), overall goal’s progress is 14% (up from 9% last month). I don’t actually earn that much, it’s just about re-calculations I mentioned above.

Public instruments

Type ISIN Name
Equity CH0042630043 Synchrony World Equity (ETF)
Bonds CH0004015282 Synchrony Swiss Government Bonds (ETF)
Metal CH0139101601 ZKB Gold ETF
Bonds IE00B43TCW70 Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund

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