February 1, 2018

Portfolio update, January 2018

This month two things happened: I bought Vanguard’s Global Bond Index ETF and I received an update on some of my “risky” investments — SnappCar got a new investment round and share price was updated.

Created with Snapbonds12%cash35%equity14%metal2%pension37%

Comparing to the previous report, I increased my exposure to bonds and relevantly lowered the role of pension savings (from 44% to 37%). As I next step I plan to get more “metal” ETFs (not mining companies, just ETFs backed by physical metal) and right now I’m not planning to get more equity, as I’m waiting for my employers stocks vesting, which will contribute to that part.

Public instruments

Type ISIN Name
Equity CH0042630043 Synchrony World Equity (ETF)
Bonds CH0004015282 Synchrony Swiss Government Bonds (ETF)
Metal CH0139101601 ZKB Gold ETF
Bonds IE00B43TCW70 Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund

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