January 1, 2018

Portfolio, start

Let me briefly describe what I had at the start of this year.

Created with Snapbonds3%cash36%equity15%metal3%pension44%

Public instruments

There is a list of some instruments I had as of the start of January:

Type ISIN Name
Equity CH0042630043 Synchrony World Equity (ETF)
Bonds CH0004015282 Synchrony Swiss Government Bonds (ETF)
Metal CH0139101601 ZKB Gold ETF

Non-public investments

Through last few years, I made some investments via crowd-investing websites to the businesses I personally liked: BrewDog, VanMoof, Nerdalize, SnappCar.

It is hard to consider such investments as good ones because there is no clear exit strategy and for me, it is mostly about supporting business I liked.

Why do I count pension as an “investment”

In Switzerland you could withdraw your pension savings for a mortgage, for starting an own business or when you leave the country. Right now I’m not sure I’m going to retire here, so I plan to withdraw all my pension in about seven years. Of course, there is a risk that Swiss pension rules might be changed at any time, but for me, Switzerland looks like a very stable country, except their Francogeddon.

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