January 2, 2018

Goal for 2018

It is hard to start something from scratch and plain goals like “go from 0 to 100” or “save XX thousands” do not really work for me, as they don’t take into account stocks/ETFs price changes, I decided to cheat and set the goal for this year as total 100 000 CHF of net worth, and basically I’m starting with 40% of this goal reached.

My personal finance goal for this year.

So far I'm doing better than expected, but it's been just one month.

Another cheat is to count also money on the pension account, as it could be withdrawn in Switzerland (withdrawal is a subject for taxation, but I do not count it for now) because pension contributions are involuntary and do not depend on my personal savings or spending rate. In the latest portfolio update, you can see that pension savings are almost 40% of my net worth and of course I want to lower its significance with time.

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